Falcon Vault door 2inch Ref: SSM50 Series


Overall Size (H*W)(cm): 202.6x109.5

Clear Opening (H*W)(cm): 192.3x88.8

Weight: 650 Kg + 45kg grill gate


SSM Series 50 Strong room door overall thickness measure 16 cm secured with a series of heavy duty 3.8cm diameter bolts the door back anchored with four  vertical reinforced interlocking rebate system with two glass plates for positive protection ensuring the door remain shut and locked even hinges are attached and cut off.

Standard features:

Falcon vault door and strong door come down with

  • S&G Combination Lock made in USA UL certified made in USA

  • Mauer  key lock  seven – lever high security key lock made in Germany

Falcon Grill Gate ensures additional security.